Little Horror in the Maternal Unheimlich


SHORT STORY (chapter one) 2019


Short Story (chapter one) is the introduction scene to Little Horror, a filmic exploration of the home and life of Mymmy and Vic.


Mymmy at the Funcanny periscope screen g

At Home with Mymmy (2020)

(still from Periscope @FuncannyThe)

4 channel Live Performance at The Funcanny 1/11/20 as part of Notes from a Conversation

Mymmy explores introspection and exhibition whilst simultaneously embracing and evading the mirrors in her home. 

Filmed as part of a performance residency at the domestic live art venue 'The Funcanny', At Home with Mymmy was a live streamed performance appearing over five platforms, Periscope & Twitter: @FuncannyThe and @TFuncanny; Facebook:@TheFuncanny, each featuring different windows onto the performance. 

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NO (2019)

live performance installation

looped single channel sound recording, mini speakers, 16 paper bags, risograph printing, vintage doll eyes

The audience becomes Mymmy through wearing paper bags, each of which incorporates a small speaker.

how do i tell.jpg
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paper bag, tablet with looped video and single channel sound

performance installation at Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms conference.  Middlesex University

The disembodied head of Mymmy questions the audience.

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READ (5) 2019 (sound extract only)

5 channel sound loops, ikea furniture, vintage nightlights, red bulbs

Installation at There is Something Lurking in the Shadows that Might be Interesting, Royal College of Art.


Portrait of Mymmy and Vic (chair)

Portrait of Mymmy and Vic (chair) 2020

domestic textiles, household emulsion, discarded clothing, domestic detritus


Portrait of Mymmy and Vic (chair) 2020- side view

Created through entwined processes of writing, diagrammatic drawing and embodied making, portraits of Mymmy and Vic culminate at the point of specific object event following the re-enactments of significant developmental life stages occurring between the two bodies. 


Portrait of Mymmy and Vic (cakes) 2019

domestic textiles, mixed paint media, discarded clothing, miniature roof tiles


Funcanny 11 3 eyes.jpeg

The Funcanny.  2020

sepia ink on paper

OE tech 4.jpg

OBJECT EVENT (tech 4 - X Box) working timeline drawing

sepia ink, paper